Celebrity Relationships We Need to Get Over in 2017

We didn’t have the best send off to 2016 with Mariah’s Lip-synching debacle and 2017 seemed to be going strong for a solid six days until the Fort Lauderdale shooting, but there is still hope for the new year. A lot of the potential negatives of 2017 can be curbed with the way we think and where we choose to direct our energy. Like other years before it, a decent amount of 2016 was spent focusing some of the most bizarre and surprising celebrity relationships.

No matter how much we like to think we’re above feeding into celebrity gossip, a lot of us ate up the drama; whether it was reports of Kylie  leaving Tyga for another rapper or The Royal Family approving of Prince Harry’s new girlfriend. We all loved seeing the breakups and the makeups. But the new year is supposed to signify a new beginning, and maybe with this new sense of renewal we should acknowledge the relationships that just weren’t healthy for those involved and those watching. So here’s to the new year and all those celebrity relationships that we’re better off leaving in 2016:

1. Almost any Kardashian relationship

Rob + Chyna

This relationship is more tremulous than Mariah Carey’s present career––and that’s saying something. No one has a clue what is happening with these two, and Rob’s cryptic and explosive social media posts definitely don’t bring anyone closer to understanding the relationship these two share. Is it love? Is a publicity stunt? No one really knows and it’s unlikely we’ll find out in the future. We should all just resign to the fact that their relationship is strange, but that’s Rob and Chyna.  

Kylie + Tyga

These two seem to go strong for long stretches at a time and then some gossip pops up about Tyga breaking up with Kylie or Kylie leaving Tyga. Over the past few months it seems like they’re getting along pretty well with recently released pictures of their Mexican getaway and Kylie shopping in Toys R Us with Tyga and King. Their relationship has been controversial and surrounded by drama since it began, and while everyone may not agree about them being together I think we should just let these two be.

Kourtney + Scott

No matter how many times we’ve watched Kourtney and Scott break up and get back together, there’s always a bit of hope when it comes to these two. Although Scott has messed up countless times, you just can’t help but root for the guy. The two recently posted pictures of them boarding a private jet and hopes of them getting back together started to seem more realistic. But here’s the thing, Kourtney and Scott have been at this for over a decade now and whether they’re officially together or not doesn’t really matter because they share three kids. They’ll always be in each other’s lives.

2. Drake + Whoever

First he loves Rihanna, then he loves Nicki, then he loves Rihanna, then he loves Serena, then he loves Rihanna, then he supposedly loves Taylor Swift, and now he loves J.Lo. It is so hard to follow Drake’s timeline of love entanglements and it just seems like this man will profess his love for anyone that sings. (Yeah, we still don’t really understand the whole Serena hookup.) It’s time to stop following who Drake’s seeing because if his track record shows anything, it’s that the man likes to share his love with a lot of people. 

3. Taylor Swift + Whoever

For a while there it seemed like T. Swift had finally found her fairytale ending with Calvin Harris after making it to 15 months together, and then it was just over. What first seemed like an amicable breakup quickly turned into social media shade, “This Is What You Came For” accreditation drama, and the Hiddleswift love tour. Before Hiddleswift was even a thing many of Swift’s relationships were brought into question because of their short length and celebrity status, and this stint in particular just seemed to confirm that there was a high probability some of her relationships were just for headlines. It’ll probably be best to tread lightly the next time a new relationship of Swift’s is revealed.

4. Johnny Depp + Amber Heard

Their relationship was random and their journey to the altar quick, but their divorce settlement seems to be anything but. This has been a very painful situation to watch go down so publicly and the back-and-forth doesn’t seem like it’ll come to an end anytime soon, but for everyone involved we hope they come to an official agreement, that sticks, soon. These two deserve some privacy.  

5. Prince Harry + Meghan Markle

There really isn’t any negativity or drama surrounding this relatively new couple. The only reason they’re on the list is because people want to talk and write about Markle as if she didn’t have a life of her own before Harry. The “Who is Meghan Markle?” headlines need to stop. She’s been around for a while now, and is well-known for her role on Suits and humanitarian work. The fact that people keep referring to her as “Prince Harry’s Girlfriend,” as if that’s the most interesting thing about her is just disrespectful. How about we leave these two lovebirds alone and let them fully revel in their honeymoon phase…in peace.


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