GUEST POST #1 A Reflective Student: No Regrets

A Reflective Student is going into her second year at Uni (as the English say) and she is the first guest blogger on Through My Spectacles. Make sure to go over and check out more of her posts at A Reflective Student, and while you’re at it you might as well follow her on Twitter @leonawoyele. I also did a guest post on her site so check that out too. 
So I was having a conversation with my father a few days back. He’s turning 47 this month and he was feeling all reflective. One really interesting point he mentioned in our conversation was how he has no regrets. At all. What an admirable way to think.

It confused me a little because I couldn’t understand how he could have lived with no regrets. When I asked if he would not change some of his low points in his life, he still said no. He explained that there is no point in trying to change the past when all the bad things that happened in his life clearly happened for a reason. He would not change it for a single thing for he would not be the way he is now if those things had not happened.

Upon reflection, I really agree with him. There is no point pondering the “what if” as things are the way now probably would not be the way they are if your past had been any different. So embrace the good and the bad and just take things as they come.
Learn from your past and focus on your now.

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  1. gabrielgibilisco says:

    Brilliant. I wrote one similar to this if you care to read it! I love this!

    1. areflectivestudent says:

      Haha, thanks! 😀

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