Mental Illness

It is unfortunate that it takes an event like Robin Williams’ death for people to remember that depression and all mental illnesses are serious issues plaguing many people, not just in the United States but all over the world.

When high profile people like Robin Williams die under such circumstances people take notice, but it shouldn’t take a celebrity to reopen our eyes. We’ll mourn, we’ll pay attention for a while, but we’ll forget and life will go on. I hope it doesn’t take another event like this for people to bring awareness to mental illness. We can’t fix or cure it, but we can try little harder to make life a bit easier (if possible) for those living with such issues.

None of us can go inside the head of another person, but we can choose to help them rather than ignore those who show signs of mental illness. Be a little kinder, bring them to a doctor, sometimes all people need is someone to talk to, to know that there is someone willing to listen.

Some people like to call suicide selfish or cowardice, but what those people need to realize is that someone has to be in a very very dark place for them to take their life. For them to think of their family and their friends and the life they have created on earth, and to still feel like it’s not enough for them to stay. We all like to pretend like we’re okay, but I think a lot of us have those times when we stop and wonder if the unknown will be preferable to the known, when we think it is.

The truth is, we’re all fighting our own demons—everyday. Some people’s demons are just bigger and more persistent than others.

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    Would you mind if I reblogged this? I don’t have any followers, because I’m just in the early stages of this whole blogging thing, but I’d really like to share this.

    1. amaridawn says:

      Sure, you can reblog it! Thanks!

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