College: Ready, Set, Go

My biggest issue as a child was that I was always in a rush to grow up. When I was five I wanted to be nine so I could play with my older sister and her friends, when I was thirteen I wanted to be sixteen so I could go to the prom, and when I hit high school I couldn’t wait to graduate so I could go to college. But once it came time for me to finally enter college, I wanted to turn back and relive my childhood because I realized it had happened too quickly.

And as I prepare to (already) enter my sophomore year this fall, I find myself reflecting on the summer before I entered my freshman year. I would get stomach pains just thinking about going away to school. Everyone had so many different things to tell me, and all were not necessarily encouraging. I was told freshman year is the most difficult year in college, stay in college for as long as you possibly can because the real world isn’t fun, and be extra careful on campus.

Now I realize everything people told me was extremely true.

It was strange assimilating to college life. I had to share a room with someone and a bathroom with a whole floor; and let me tell you, girls can be just as disgusting as boys. All of a sudden I was completely responsible for myself—no more parents to take care of everything. And academically, the work was significantly harder but luckily I had developed a great work ethic during my high school years so I was able earn a great GPA for my first year.

One of the most challenging things for me to get used to in college was becoming more vigilant. I was in a new environment and I couldn’t just leave the library at 2 a.m. without thinking, I had to be careful. I made sure to hold my key between my fingers and have my pepper spray on me at all times, and I tried to go most places with a friend to be safe. As a very independent person it was hard for me, but it was necessary.

And after surviving my freshman year of college, I am more than confident that I have the knowledge to conquer my sophomore year…hopefully.

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  1. reflectivestudent says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more! Good luck with your Sophomore year! I’m going into my second year at Uni in September too!

    1. amaridawn says:

      Thanks! And same goes to you! Enjoy the rest of summer while you still can.

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