My First Cover Shoot


June 10th

Today had to be my favorite day of my internship thus far. I got the chance to help work the cover shoot for Syracuse Woman Magazine’s July Food and Wine issue with my internship supervisor/editor and one of the other interns. I mainly helped the photographer take pictures—holding up the light reflector and talking to the cover star and I even got to be an extra in one of the photos. That part of the day was really cool, except I didn’t realize how difficult it is to be a model. My face was aching so much from smiling at absolutely nothing.

It was exciting getting to see the whole process of a shoot—which was quite meticulous and long—from start to finish.

While assisting with the photos it was also my duty to communicate with the magazine’s followers through Twitter and Instagram. I tweeted questions about the best restaurants and bars to check out in Syracuse and instagrammed pictures of different scenes at the shoot. It was kind of difficult because I had to be careful not to leak any specific information about the cover location and the cover star. It’s supposed to remain a secret until the issue’s release.

Overall it was a good experience.

To check out my articles the July Food & Wine issue of Syracuse Woman Magazine go to



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