My Day With Ernestine Shepherd

June 16th

Writing for my high school newspaper (if you can even call it that) and my college newspaper, The Dolphin, I’ve interviewed quite a few people over the years. Some have been students, others professors and deans, but no one really well known outside of the Syracuse area. So I was extremely excited when I was given the opportunity to interview Ernestine Shepherd, a Guinness Book World Record holder for the oldest competing bodybuilder, for my internship. She was interviewed by Oprah—OPRAH!

For the first part of my assignment I had to cover a senior citizen fitness class that Ernestine was hosting at Onondaga Lake Park. The class started off with a 1-mile walk and then for a half an hour Ernestine took us through a work out routine that she trains her senior citizens with. I have to admit, I am in shape but it was hard to keep up with Ernestine and she just turned 78.

After my morning workout with the senior citizens I raced home to get ready for the fitness event, the LiveWell Retreat, in which Ernestine was the keynote speaker. A few minutes after I arrived at the event I got the chance to sit down with Ernestine and ask her a few questions. Although I only talked to her for about fifteen minutes, I have to say it was a pretty cool experience. She is such a sweet and inspirational woman.

Following the LiveWell Retreat I went home and wrote a 600-word article on the day’s events to be posted on the website. Overall, it was a pretty productive day.

To read my article on Ernestine Shepherd go to


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