A Summer of Getting Ahead

While summer should be looked at as a vacation, as a time to forget about school for a few months and relax, it is important that summer is also viewed as an opportunity to get ahead.

Too many students spend their summers lazing around the house, unhealthily binge watching Netflix, tanning by the poolside and partying every night with old friends. Yes, summer should be filled with fun, but students should also spend those free days getting ahead in school and building up their résumés.

This summer I took a 3 credit online course, am currently participating in an internship at Syracuse Woman Magazine (also 3 credits), working at my parents’ dental office, have read a quarter of my summer reading list and started studying for the GREs. And yes, I realize that may be a bit much, but surprisingly I have had a tremendous amount of time to relax in between.

But without a doubt, the most important aspect of my summer has to be my internship because internships are SO RIDICULOUSLY IMPORTANT!

Many students choose to opt-out of internships, particularly unpaid internships, due to financial concerns. Credit internships are paid outside of a student’s tuition and can be rather expensive, especially when the internship is unpaid and there is no money to go towards its cost. However, I like to believe that the positive experience gained from an internship outweighs the costs. Internships are a great way to gain real world experiences in your chosen field and expand your network.

So get an internship this summer, paid or unpaid. It’ll pay off in the long run and you never know what other opportunities it may lead to.

Photo courtesy of http://www.levo.com


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