Antique Shopping

Today we live in a throw away society. The minute something stops working or is “outdated” we get rid of it. But while people are so quick to do so, they fail to see the value in the things they are throwing away.

My parents often times like to tell me I’m an eighty year old woman trapped in a teenager’s body, so I guess it is fitting that I am attracted to vintage things. I’m not sure when I started getting into antique shopping, but for the past couple of years any time an antique show comes to the Syracuse area I can be found there.

Every time I attend an event I can usually count on myself being one of the youngest people there, along with one of the only black people there—but I’m used to always being the only black person. And though the venues usually smell like old people and are filled with old people and most people would consider the things in the venders’ booths garbage, I believe vintage shopping is a great hobby that more people should pick up.

I find it fascinating that people have preserved objects purchased from decades like the 1920s or the 1950s and sell them for basically nothing or a whole lot of something that the average person would not be able to afford. Walking up and down all those aisles containing things that people once held dear, I have learned how to do something so many people wish was possible—time travel.

Besides buying jewelry, one of my favorite things to do at a vintage festival is look through all the old pictures venders sell for a dollar. And while I too think that is kind of weird, selling family photos and random pictures of people to strangers who have no connection to them whatsoever, it’s also strangely intriguing. I comb through the buckets of old photographs, looking at the faces of complete strangers, and I wonder who they were and where they came from and what their lives were like and who had once loved them and how they ended up in a dirty old bin for people to gaze at and I wonder if my picture will one day end up where theirs are.

Some people may find my love of all things old quite strange and eccentric, but while everyone is busy conforming to the ways of society by buying the latest Alex & Ani bracelet or the newest Bose iPod speaker, I’m resurrecting something from the past, I’m giving life to something that so many people have forgotten about. And like all things vintage, that is timeless.

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