Shopping Day

I want this chair! I feel so editorial.
I want this chair! I feel so editorial.

I wore this outfit to go shopping in Florida this past weekend (I wasn’t there to purely shop by the way. I was lucky enough to travel there for my cousin’s son’s christening; which was a great time.) I liked this ensemble because it was simple and comfortable. It was extra hot that day, but the shorts and flowy shirt made it easier to handle the heat.

You may be wondering why I’m posing in this chair. If not, I’m going to tell you anyways. I walked into the hotel lobby and instantly fell in love with the furniture and set up. It was the kind of furniture I hope to own one day—if I can ever afford it. It felt as if I had entered an ad campaign for a furniture store, so I felt compelled to take a picture in one of the ridiculously chic chairs.

Shirt, Two By Vince Camuto, $15; Shorts, Sunday in Brooklyn, $15; Belt, Forever21, $5 (pack of 3). Necklace, vintage festival, $5. Earrings, vintage festival, $2. Shoes, a.n.a.; Headband, Claire’s, $4;


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