My Personal Style

I would like to think I have good style. If I don’t, then people have been lying to me for quite some time.

This is the type of thing I wear on a daily basis. Although I did try to look good when I put this outfit together, I still think it has this effortless vibe to it…hopefully. I try not to make it look like I tried too too hard.I am a bargain shopper—all day, everyday. I am a rather cheap person (I take after my father, but he would call it being thrifty) in the best way possible. I don’t like to spend money, so I make sure not to waste it. Coupons are my best friends. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a price tag cut in half with just one swipe of a piece of paper —it’s like magic. That is why everything I’m wearing is under 15 dollars.

Although I did mention I like my labels in a previous post ( that doesn’t mean I splurge on them. All the designer clothing I own I bought on sale, and for a reasonable price (in my opinion, but then again, it is my money). Labels can be great, but just because you dress yourself in designers does not necessarily mean you have good style. To me, good style is being able to combine designer pieces with non-designer pieces, vintage pieces with modern pieces, affordable pieces with more expensive pieces, patterns with solids, making an outfit look fashionable with whatever you own. To me, good style, is being comfortable with and confident in your own style.

Shirt, American Eagle, $15; Tank, Forever21, $5; Shorts, Sunday in Brooklyn, $15; Belt, Forever21, $5 (pack of 3). Necklace, vintage festival, $5. Earrings, vintage festival, $2. Glasses, Eddie Bauer, $50; Headband, Claire’s, $4; Shoes, Steve Madden;


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