A Little Too Soft

By Amari D. Pollard

It’s been said that we Americans are known for sharing our feelings too much, especially to strangers who honestly don’t care. And to some extent, I can see how telling a stranger on the bus about how emotional you’ve been since your big break up is a bit much. But I actually think we live in a world where people are becoming tighter lipped and some may consider that a blessing.

Today, it seems as if every word you say can be taken out of context and has the possibility of offending someone, so people feel it’s best to not say anything at all. Now, if you tell someone you don’t like their shirt it’s like, “OMG, you’re such a bully.” Sorry, but since when did stating your opinion become such an ordeal?

I do not think cheerleading should be considered a sport. I honestly believe booty shorts should solely be worn by strippers. People who don’t study and complain about their grades should be psychologically checked out. Oh, and anyone who looks up to Miley Cyrus as an artist or person needs to rethink their whole life.

I probably just offended a decent amount of people by saying those things, but so what? That’s my opinion and I think that’s what people need to start understanding. Just because I perceive something differently, or don’t agree with you doesn’t make me a complete asshole or totally insensitive person.

Society has just become too soft, too sensitive. Too many people think innocent comments are meant to hurt someone’s feelings when in reality it was not intended to offend anyone. I think it’s time we developed some backbone and toughened up. It’s time to realize the world isn’t filled with people who all think alike.

So next time, don’t be afraid to tell your friend they deserved the D on their paper since their writing was awful. It is more than likely because they chose to write it six hours before it was due.

I know there are many situations when people totally disregard someone’s feelings or totally disrespect them by doing or saying something derogatory, but not every opinion has to fall into that category.

In high school I would always get in heated debates with this kid who I thought was the most ignorant inconsiderate moron I had ever met. He would constantly say degrading and insulting things [in my opinion] about women and middle easterners and other people. When he would say things like, “A woman’s place is in the kitchen,” I would get so angry, thinking that all those years of feminism had done nothing to change the minds of men. But ultimately, I understood that that was his opinion and I actually felt quite sad for him knowing that he probably grew up in a household where his mother’s place was in the kitchen. But did that make me think he was a horrible person? No. In fact, he was actually a really likable person, which in fact made him even more annoying.

The truth is… everyone is entitled to their own opinion no matter how lame that sounds. However, that doesn’t mean you have to like their opinions or accept them, but you should respect them. Just try to understand where people are coming from and don’t take everything to heart.

Picture courtesy of http://www.myromancestory.com



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